Scott's Thoughts

December 01, 2016

A letter from Scott Parsons
Executive Director, PitCare, Inc.

I am writing this letter on a blustery Saturday morning. My morning walk was invigorating as the wind swirled the fall leaves around my feet, and there was a sharp bite in the air as the temperature dropped steadily. Now it is raining and that rain will bring us our first snow tonight.

As I sit in my warm and comfortable office, I realize just how blessed I am. I am loved by a glorious God. I am also loved by an amazing wife, who for 39 years has been an integral part of my life and ministry.

I am blessed by the great challenge God has called us to in Pitcairn. It is also a blessing to understand that we cannot do this alone, and to trust the God who has called us to supply all we need. Much of this provision has come through your hands, and for that I am deeply grateful. Without your generous support and prayers, we would not be able to do this work.

As you read through this newsletter, please take a moment to thank the Lord for all that He has accomplished here this year. Then I would ask you to consider an end of year gift to support the ministry that is taking place. As you will see, next year is promising to be a very busy and fruitful time of ministry.

I pray that you will continue to walk with us in this wonderful journey. I pray each of you will have a blessed and merry Christmas.

Love to all,

Scott Parsons