Pitcare Ministry House

Our Progress

8 Buildings Renovated

  • 6 homes
  • PitCare “On Center” 416 Center Street (formerly St. Paul’s Church) is used to house the Pitcairn Meals on Wheels program and is being developed into the Pitcairn Library and Performing Arts Center.
  • PitCare “On Broadway” 520 Broadway – which holds the renovated food pantry, currently hosts the local Mon Valley Circles Ministry, is being developed to be the location of the PitCare Community Coffee House It also has two beautifully renovated three bedroom apartments that are rented to local families at a discounted rate.

Food Pantry

Our Pitcairn Food Pantry provides food for over 120 low income families in our community every month. Since the beginning of 2016, PitCare provided approximately 134,000 pounds (over 67 tons!) of canned goods, dried goods, meat, produce, dairy, and personal and household necessities to our community. We also provide special packages to children for weekends and holidays when meals are not provided in school.