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The Pitcare “On Center” Building – located at 416 Center Avenue

The Library: PitCare has been busy renovating and preparing the upper floor (former Sanctuary) of the "On Center" building to provide space for the Kim Parsons Library and Community Center. To date we have been using space in this building to hold Summer Reading Programs. By the fall of 2019 we will have a full functioning neighborhood lending library. We are currently working towards hiring a Library Director who will not only be our on-site "Librarian" but will also create literacy events for elementary students. We also look forward to hiring a Programming Director who will oversee our After-School Programing as well as our Community Programs.

Meals on Wheels: A full commercial Kitchen has been maintained within On Center, and provides the base of operations for the Community Meals on Wheels program. We provide space to Meals on Wheels without rent, so that this vital service can remain viable.

Performing Arts On Center: By creating movable shelving and computer stations, the library will transform into a small venue for performing arts, conferences, and a place for other organizations and Churches to use as a meeting place.


The PitCare “On Broadway” Building – located at 520 Broadway

In June of 2017 we purchased a multi-use building on Broadway. Broadway is the main corridor for business in the community of Pitcairn.

Food Pantry: Shortly after the purchase, we re-located the Pitcairn Food Pantry, in the process of renovating this space we were able to purchase a large walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer to meet all food safety requirements. The Pitcairn Food Pantry is open two Thursday mornings each month as well as offering evening hours one Thursday per month to provide for those low income families who work during the day.

Coffee Shop: We are also in the process of seeking funding to open a Coffee Shop to be located in the Store Front of the "On Broadway" property. We have already begun the process of obtaining Architectural Drawings and Code Review. Currently in Pitcairn, there is no place to sit and talk with friends and have a cup of coffee. While a coffee shop might seem to be a small step, we believe that the development of the coffee shop is a significant and extremely important step forward in the development of community among Pitcairn residents and that it will prove to be a catalyst in the revitalization of the business district.

Affordable Housing: The Broadway building also houses two newly renovated, three bedroom apartments. These apartments are beautiful, and are being rented to local families at a reduced rate. We have completely updated the apartments with new windows, new kitchens and new bathrooms. The floors and carpets have been replaced, and new appliances will be installed. Both units have been continuously occupied since the completion of the renovations.