Mr Garys Walk 3

Beginning Monday, September 2, 2019 Gary Agate will begin his journey!

Walking to Florida from Pitcairn is a huge endeavor and Mr. Gary will likely face many obstacles and challenges, but his message to the youth of Pitcairn (and really all of us) is that by setting goals big or small and dreaming dreams, we can accomplish anything through hard work and determination. (and sometimes a little help from our friends).

We all face obstacles in our life and challenges that can sometimes put our dreams on hold, but Mr. Gary wants to show that with perseverance you can push through even when your goal seems unattainable.

By walking to Florida, Gary is also raising needed funds to continue the work of PitCare.

In order to maintain the library and community center, continue to run the food pantry, offer after school programming, continue our Girls Clubs and offer mentoring, we need funding. For each mile he walks and every dollar he raises, PitCare has the ability to continue to live out their mission in Pitcairn, PA.

Would you consider joining Mr. Gary in his journey? Click on the link above to give to this extraordinary goal and help us make a difference in Pitcairn.

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Want to hear more from Gary himself? Watch this short video!

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