Pitcairn Pa

The Challenge

Generational poverty tears at the very fabric of our society, breeding hopelessness and isolation.

A massive demographic shift over the last 15 years has created a community divided by racial & economic lines.

Home ownership has moved beyond the grasp of those who are raised in poverty.

Over the last few decades, Pitcairn has seen a significant increase in the number of residents who live in poverty. People who are trapped in poverty experience a loss of opportunity, incentive and hope. We believe that each person is an image bearer of God, and as such is worthy of dignity and respect, and deserves the opportunity to effectively develop and use their God-given gifts. Toward that end we are dedicated to working in the following areas:


Helping young people discover their value and worth, seeing that there is hope for their future and assisting with education to help them succeed.


Developing an atmosphere of safety and hope for families by encouraging fathers to accept responsibility for their children, encouraging single mothers and providing families with a safe, decent and affordable place to live.

Pitcairn Food Pantry

Providing a helping hand: by sponsoring and operating the Pitcairn Community Food Pantry, which provides a significant supplement of food and household necessities twice a month to over 120 families.

Community Fun

Working to foster a sense of community through:

  • Sponsoring and participating in community-wide activities.
  • Fostering communication across racial and economic lines.
  • Working to find community based solutions to local problems.
  • Encouraging people to get involved in the social and political life of the community.
Life Skills Program

Helping families through our Life Skill Program to navigate the process developing economic stability and to reach the goal of purchasing their own home. Participants in our program receive financial management training, one-on-one mentoring, and assistance in the home purchase process including acquiring a mortgage and finding and rehabbing a home.