High School Girls Group Gains Momentum

September 28, 2017

PitCare has been hosting the upper middle school and high school age girls dinner at our Ministry House each Tuesday night for the past year or so with co-leaders, Emily Parsons and Penny Zeisloft.

In an effort to change things up a bit this summer, each Tuesday night Emily and Penny hosted a Devotions and Dessert gathering instead of a full dinner. The girls loved answering the ice breaker questions each night. Then they had a short talk while eating some really great desserts. Our leaders were really encouraged by the meaningful and relevant questions the girls were asking which often led to a deeper level of connecting, understanding and respect within the group.

Another program PitCare offered (with Penny leading) was a Thursday morning "Power Hour" at the local community park. Each Thursday morning volunteers would drive everyone to the park, find a nice shaded area and enjoy iced coffee. After reading a Psalm, Penny would lead a twenty minute Pilates workout. Upon returning to the Ministry House, everyone would help make and enjoy delicious fruit smoothies. The girls really enjoyed this program, and Penny was able to encourage the habits of healthy exercise, enjoying God's beautiful creation and making something healthy to eat.

Penny and Emily have also started the "Question Box" which allows the girls to anonymously ask hard questions about social issues, problems, faith, etc. They have centered some of our discussions on questions from the box such as preventing suicide and how to be in healthy relationships. Some of the other planned discussions will focus on brokenness, suffering, justice, eternal hope, and the power of a living a life transformed by Jesus Christ.

Twenty-two girls came to last week's dinner. If things keep moving in this direction, we will be looking to meet in a larger venue.

If you would like to volunteer to make a meal or provide a dessert, it would be most welcome! Please pray that the leaders will continue to deepen their relationships with the girls as together they tackle some of life's hard questions.