Our Story

In 2010, we decided to put a calling into action…
According to the Christian Community Development Association, the best way to minister to the urban poor is to move into a low-income community and live as neighbors. So we did just that! Seems obvious now, but it took a lot of prayer and a few leaps of faith to get here.

Our story starts…
We were two couples living in the suburbs. Our children were raised, and it was time to embark on a new adventure.

The Agates and the Owens both bought run down houses in the urban neighborhood of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. We rehabbed our homes and started getting down to the business of showing Gods’ love in words and in actions.

Four years later…
PitCare, Inc. was formed! We received tax-exempt status in June 2014.

Then the cavalry came…
Scott and Kim Parsons had heard what we were doing in Pitcairn, and after praying about it, Scott resigned his position as a senior pastor of a successful church in Dalton, Georgia to follow God’s call to help in Pitcairn. He became our Executive Director in March of 2015, and things really started moving! In 2016, Stephen Uber, Vice President and Manager of our local S&T Bank in Monroeville, joined the board and brings a great deal of financial expertise and general wisdom to our organization.

Hours of Work

Our Mission

Overcome Poverty

Helping people overcome generational poverty.

Promote Dignity

Promoting the dignity and worth of every person.

Provide Hope

Giving people a hope for the future.

Build a Strong Community

Working to foster a sense of community.

Leadership Team

Scott Parsons

C. Scott Parsons

Executive Director

Reverend C. Scott Parson was a senior pastor in the Presbyterian Church of America for 26 years before joining our organization. He and his wife, Kim have four grown boys, they have served as foster parents for abused and special needs children and have adopted four of these children. Scott is our get up and go leader. He tackles our projects with enthusiasm and dedication. He is a spiritual mentor to our Staff and Volunteers and we are grateful to have him with us.

Jeff Owen

Jeffrey R. Owen

President and Director

Jeff's Blog: http://jromissions.blogspot.com/

Jeff is the Managing Partner and President of Cooper Owen & Renner, a Pittsburgh Law firm. He brings more than 25 years of experience in youth ministry and the High School kids all know “Mr. Jeff” and look to him for advice and friendship.

Gary Agate

Gary J. Agate

Vice President and Director

Gary recently retired from the position of Director of Operations of Turner Dairy, after 42 years. He is an enthusiastic volunteer in many of our programs, and is a great guitar player and worship leader. Gary is also the expert mechanic in our bike shop and all of the kids love him.

Dawn Owen

Dawn R. Owen


Dawn is the Administrative Manager and one of the Paralegals at Jeff’s law firm. She also brings a wealth of fundraising experience and is an expert in getting things done. “Miss Dawn” is also one of our local moms and is available to pray with the kids or just listen if they need to talk. She’s also a pushover, and always finds a way to feed the kids, even when they just drop in.

Stephen Uber

Stephen Uber

Secretary and Director

Stephen is a Pittsburgh native born and raised and is married to his lovely wife, Corey. He has an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Penn State, a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Crown College and a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership from Liberty University. Stephen has been in the banking industry for 13 years. He started as a part time universal banker and teller and within three years he worked his way up through the ranks to become a Manager. Stephen is the Vice President and Manager of the local S&T Bank branch in our community and is able to offer his expertise in not only our Life Skills/Housing program, but he is also helping PitCare with grant writing. In a second life track, Stephen was ordained in 2010 and became an Associate Pastor in charge of Youth at Crossroads Vineyard Church where he served until 2013 when he left to help plant Harvest Bible Chapel in East Pittsburgh. We appreciate his commitment and dedication to the Pitcairn community.

Volunteering At Pitcare

Our Volunteers

One of the best parts of PitCare is providing opportunities for our friends and local congregations to help a local ministry in a sustained and effective manner.

Become a Volunteer
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Connected Organizations

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