Pitcairn Food Pantry


Food Pantry Location and Distribution

It is with heavy hearts we share this message with you from Executive Director, Jeff Owen:

The Pitcairn Food Pantry, which is operated by PitCare Inc., will be closed indefinitely after the current distribution taking place on September 25.

The indefinite closing of the Food Pantry is necessary due to the increasingly high cost we are experiencing. Food prices have risen precipitously, and we are averaging about $600 in food costs alone per week. We also have the additional overhead expense of maintaining our Broadway Building which is used solely for the Food Pantry.

PitCare will continue operations of its other ministries, including the operation of the Community Center and Library, Focus Beyond the Field, and Meals on Wheels. Saving the ongoing expense of Food Pantry operations will allow us to focus our resources on these other vital programs within a smaller footprint and budget.

We are so very grateful and proud of our staff and the many volunteers who have faithfully kept the Food Pantry open for so many years, and particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As other pantries closed, our little charity met the increased demand for food, and we have been able to feed almost 3,000 people per month on a sustained basis. Thank you as well to all our faithful donors who have made the Food Pantry Possible for these many years.

Please direct any inquiries to me at my e-mail below. Please also continue to keep PitCare in your prayers as we continue to help people in Pitcairn.


Jeff Owen

Executive Director

[email protected]