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Support Mr. Gary's Mountain Mission!

He’s walked to Florida. He’s biked to DC. And now Mr. Gary is climbing a mountain to support PitCare!!

Mr. Gary wants to show the kids in the community that they, too, can achieve their goals and that they can overcome any obstacles. Mr. Gary, thank you for your example of perseverance and love!!

Mr. Gary (age 71, by the way) will be hiking 70 miles through the Laurel Trail over the course of a week. He leaves June 10, 2022, and he will complete his Mission on June 18th!

You can support Mr. Gary’s Mountain Mission by clicking HERE.

All donations go directly towards the programs and services of Pitcare, such as The Pitcairn Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Library programs, and Focus Beyond the Field.

We greatly appreciate any donations, and thank you for your generosity!

Follow the journey on PitCare's Facebook and Instagram accounts!


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Our athletic program works to build structure and confidence through sports for underserved youth. Children are encouraged to set goals and learn how to achieve them. Through the drills and the physical activities, youth are not only staying fit but also learning fundamentals such as timeliness, mental and physical perseverance, teamwork, listening skills, and analytical skills.

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