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Kid's Connect 2021

Kids Connect Summer Reading Program

Don't miss our Kids Connect Summer Reading Program

Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday beginning June 29, 2021, from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm through August 12, 2021. Ages 5 thru 6th grade.

Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn how to sign up or contact info@pitcare.org for more information.

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Meals on Wheels

PitCare Meals on Wheels (formerly St. Paul's Meals on Wheels)

Headed by Dan Casey our dedicated group of volunteers work hard to deliver daily home-cooked, high-quality meals directly to the doorsteps of seniors in Pitcairn, Monroeville, Trafford, Level Green, Wall, and Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.

Our volunteers and clients are convinced—our work means so much more than just a meal, it’s a commitment to making our community a healthier and happier place for all.

To learn more about PitCare Meals on Wheels, click here!

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Pitcairn Food Pantry

The Pitcairn Food Pantry is located at 520 Broadway Boulevard. The Food Pantry not only meets the needs in our community, is provides us another opportunity to get to know our neighbors.

The Pitcairn Food Pantry is open for distribution at these times:

  • FIRST Thursday of each month from 10AM-12PM
  • THIRD Thursday of each month from 10AM-12PM
  • THIRD Sunday evening of each month from 6:00-7:30PM

To learn more about the Food Pantry, click here!


Hours of Work

Pitcare Community Testimonials

PitCare Inc. is a valuable asset to Pitcairn. PitCare has and continues to help many families in this financially depressed community. The youth in Pitcairn are supported to reach their life goals by this organization. I personally have a vested interest in PitCare. My family and I have been assisted by this organization. I am extremely grateful for their care and support.

Today I was at the door as the children were leaving our summer reading program and telling each one to have a good weekend and see them on Monday. We had packed each child a weekend snack bag filled with healthy treats and put one in each of their PitCare bags as they were leaving.One little boy took two steps out and turned around, came back, threw his arms around my waist and gave me a huge hug. No words were needed. I love knowing we are making a difference to our children here in Pitcairn.

Dawn Nicolazzo, Summer Reading Program Director