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Gary's Walk for PitCare..

At almost 68 years old, Gary Agate recognizes that he is in the fourth quarter of life, nearing the RED ZONE! He wants to make a difference and finish strong while he still has the energy to do so.

Living in Pitcairn presents him with the privilege of numerous opportunities to talk to young people, many with difficult struggles. By doing something extraordinary and challenging, like walking to Florida, he is setting an example to the younger generation. It won’t be easy. It takes hard work, dedication and persistence to reach a worthwhile goal. Gary will be able to tell them that if a 68-year-old man can walk all the way to Florida, then they can “GO FOR IT” too. They can do whatever they set their minds to. They can be inspired to dream big, to work hard, to not give up and not take NO for an answer. And most importantly, he will tell them that he is trusting God through the journey who promises to never leave or forsake us.

Another important goal of this adventure is to raise $200,000 for PitCare. In order to implement projects like the library/community center and the coffee shop we hope to open sometime next year, we need funding. As the miles Gary walks each day add up, he will be working towards reaching the top of his $200,000 fundraising thermometer. Consider jumping on board with me to help reach the goal!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for upcoming information on how you can join this adventure!

Pitcare Community Testimonials

PitCare Inc. is a valuable asset to Pitcairn. PitCare has and continues to help many families in this financially depressed community. The youth in Pitcairn are supported to reach their life goals by this organization. I personally have a vested interest in PitCare. My family and I have been assisted by this organization. I am extremely grateful for their care and support.