Overcoming Poverty

Life Skills Program

Life Skills Program

We seek to work with motivated and willing adults to assist in financial training, home ownership, education advancement, and career development.

Home Ownership

Home Ownership Program

We believe that one of the keys to achieving financial independence and security is through home ownership. With our home ownership program, we are able to assist potential home buyers through the process of qualifying for and securing a home mortgage, and finding, purchasing and rehabbing a home in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania.



Education is one of the most effective ways of alleviating poverty. We work with several local ministries to assist with tutoring. We are willing to develop an education plan that supports dedicated students who are determined to improve their academic abilities. As our community library is expanded, we are looking to make it a major educational asset for Pitcairn. If you can help with tutoring, please visit our volunteer page.

Childrens Library

Children’s Library

Over 1,000 books were initially donated from the Monroeville, PA Library; the library in Prairie Due Rocher, Illinois; PNC Bank and a host of individuals. Families can sign up to check out books for their children, and the children receive a PitCare book bag to carry books to and from the Library.

Additionally, during the summer months, we offer community library events where volunteers read books aloud, children participate in crafts and snacks are provided. We eventually hope to have after-school hours for homework and tutoring help.  If you would like to volunteer with our library, please visit our volunteer page.

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping & Need Based Surveying

So what is Asset Mapping? The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research says that asset mapping provides information about the strengths and resources of a vital community and can help uncover solutions. Once community strengths and resources are inventoried and depicted in a map, one can more easily think about how to build upon these assets to address community needs. This “mapping” is designed to promote connections or relationships among individuals, organizations and government.

Covenant College, located outside of Chattanooga Tennessee, has included us in their internship program. Our initial intern in residence has just conducted a needs-based survey that is a valuable tool in developing our future ministry strategy. We plan to continue to provide internship opportunities and we highly value such academic assistance from Covenant and other interested institutions.

Building Community

High School Girls Dinner

High School Girls’ Dinner

School Girls Dinner has grown to be a major success in the past year. Through the primary efforts of Penny Ziesloft we have a vibrant and growing high school women’s ministry. They meet every week at our Ministry House for dinner and discussion, often asking deep, probing questions.

It is especially encouraging to see how much these young women have grown to love our volunteer leaders. Penny and our other volunteers are able to speak into the lives of the group as they deal with issues of self-esteem, health and wellness, and growing into adulthood. Please visit our volunteer page if you have a heart for helping with teens at Girls Dinner or would like to provide a meal for these gatherings.

Girls Club

Girls Club

Under the leadership of Emily Parsons, grade school girls gather together each Tuesday evening to enjoy a healthy home cooked dinner, make a craft, as well as learn how to apply biblical principles to everyday life. Emily along with her dedicated group of volunteer women weekly reach into the lives of these girls and care for them.

Thanks to generous donations, we have been able to provide each girl with a backpack and back-to-school supplies each fall.

If you would like to help us with this ministry, either by helping us on Tuesday evenings or purchasing food and or craft supplies, please visit our volunteer page.

Next Level

Next Level

Next Level is a monthly gathering for retired men. The group gathers at the PitCare Ministry House on the second Wednesday of every month. Meetings consist of Board Member Gary Agate making his fantastic pancake and sausage breakfast, and Executive Director, Scott Parsons encouraging the group to share their wisdom and strengths and life experiences with others in our community.

Through this gathering many of the men have not only volunteered throughout Pitcairn, but also in South Carolina, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico, using their gifts and abilities in Disaster Response.

Guys Dinner

Boys Dinner

In 2010 we began a weekly dinner for Jr. & Sr. High School boys. We enjoyed home cooked meals and desserts provided by volunteers for over seven years. Jeff Owen and Gary Agate facilitated conversations to help these young men discover their value, worth, and hope for their future. They were joined by several other men who would share their education and work experience willing to assist these young men in their futures.

We have taken a short hiatus but will resume these weekly gatherings in the near future. Please visit our volunteer page if you would like to volunteer with us.

Nutrition And Cooking Class

Nutrition & Cooking Class

Penny Zeisloft and Lakeia Burke, two dedicated volunteers, hosted our first nutrition and cooking class this year. The ladies had a great time learning how to make smarter food choices for their families as well as cooking techniques to help them make healthier meals at home. At the end of the class, moms were given a large box containing all of the cooking staples needed to continue healthier cooking at home. If you have a passion for nutrition and cooking, please visit our volunteer page.


Thursday Night Basketball

The Thursday night basketball program was born out of our desire to give the High School boys in our community a night out to play. PitCare was able to secure a local gymnasium once each week in the winter months. Each week our volunteers register the players, organize a round robin tournament, and provide a snack when teams aren’t playing.

Whether you like to play basketball or not, we invite you to help with this program by visiting our volunteer page.

Bike Program

Bicycle Program

PitCare has distributed over 200 bikes over the past several years to children and teens in Pitcairn. Additionally, we have distributed bikes to adults both in Pitcairn and through the Light of Life Mission to be used for transportation to and from work.

Through the leadership of Gary Agate, bike repair and distribution is an ongoing activity. We have sponsored bike give-aways, as well as bike repair days in which volunteers come into Pitcairn to teach and repair bicycles.

In the spring of 2018 we partnered with the Presbyterian Church in Pitcairn to host a "Blessing of the Bikes" and Strawberry Festival. We have received donations of bicycles from individuals, Monroeville Rotary Club, Grace Presbyterian Church, and Penn Hills Police Department just to name a few.

 Go to our volunteer page if you are interested in helping with this program.

Pitcairn Food Pantry

Pitcairn Food Pantry

Our Pitcairn Food Pantry provides food for over 120 low income families in our community every month. Since the beginning of 2016, PitCare provided approximately 134,000 pounds (over 67 tons!) of canned goods, dried goods, meat, produce, dairy, and personal and household necessities to our community. We also provide special packages to children for weekends and holidays when meals are not provided in school.

This year we expanded to a new location on our PitCare “On Broadway” building, located at 520 Broadway. The larger facility and central and accessible location is a vast improvement in space and in our ability to reach even more people in need.  We hope to begin offering evening distributions to increase our effectiveness in the community.

Not only are we meeting a huge need in our community, the Food Pantry also gives us another opportunity to get to know the people around us. The food pantry is a huge opportunity for volunteers. We have many places for you to help. We are also developing a wagon train delivery program in which local churches are developing independent teams to assist in delivering groceries to local folks who are disabled or unable carry them home. If you would like to help with our Food Pantry or delivering food, please visit our volunteer page.