Pitcairn Food Pantry Receives $500 Westinghouse SURE Grant

November 22, 2017

On Sunday, November 12th, Westinghouse SURE presented a check for $500.00 for the Pitcairn Food Pantry as part of its Feed the Hungry Program. The Pitcairn Food Pantry provides food for over 120 low income families in the community every month. Since the beginning of 2016, it has provided approximately 134,000 pounds (over 67 tons!) of canned goods, dried goods, meat, produce, dairy, and personal and household necessities to the community. They also provide special packages to children for weekends and holidays when meals are not provided in school.

The food pantry is run by PitCare, a 503(3)-organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living in Pitcairn. This year they expanded to a new location at their “On Broadway” building, located at 520 Broadway. The presentation was made during the “open-house” and dedication of the new building. This is a larger facility and its central and accessible location is a vast improvement in space and their ability to reach even more people in need.

The food pantry is a huge opportunity for volunteers and they have many places for you to help. One of which is developing a wagon train delivery program in which local churches are developing independent teams to assist in delivering groceries to local folks who are disabled or unable carry them home.


PitCare Executive Director, Scott Parsons, receives grant from Alan Kuenzel of the Westinghouse SURE Organization with PitCare President, Jeff Owen looking on.