Scott's Thoughts (March 2019)

April 01, 2019

Dear Friends,

It was four years ago that Kim and I moved our family to Pitcairn so I could assume the role of Executive Director of PitCare. We were excited about the prospect of serving the Lord here and looked forward to great things happening. In April of 2015, I wrote these words in my first newsletter:

“The task before us is overwhelming...and that is a good thing. The moment we think we have this situation in hand is the moment we will fail, because then the work becomes about us and not God’s mercy and grace. It is only in loving and trusting him completely that we will find fruitful ministry. Nor do we work out of some delusion that we can do this alone. We desperately need your prayers, time and giving if we are going to be effective. So, pray and ask God how you might get involved in supporting this work.”

Little did I know just how true these words would be. Our gracious God did indeed establish the work of our hands and our group has been able to accomplish much in the last four years. The list is extensive; from the Food Pantry, Library and Community Center, Girl’s Clubs, Kids of Steel, Boy’s Dinners and basketball nights, home and apartment purchases and rehab, the Bike Ministry...the list goes on. And yet none of that has been accomplished alone. Your willingness to support us through your prayers, help and finances has made this work possible.

But sadly, 18 months ago upon Kim’s passing, I had to come to grips with an overwhelming life change. For the first time in my life, I was doing ministry alone and the transition has been difficult. However, God in his mercy has given me a new love and a new life by bringing Terry Stevenson into my life and we will be marrying this spring. I will be stepping down as Executive Director at the end of March and the girls and I will be moving to Chattanooga at the end of May. I am excited to announce that while I am stepping down as Executive Director, I will not be leaving PitCare. I will be transitioning to the role of Director of Advancement, working with vision casting and development.

So I will end this letter with the same plea I gave you four years ago. God has established a marvelous work here and he has provided us with some very talented people who will be carrying on the day-to-day operations of PitCare. But, we still cannot do this work alone. We still desperately need your prayers, time and giving if we are going to remain an effective conduit of grace and change in Pitcairn. So, if you have been supporting our work, please continue to do so! If you have not, then please pray and ask God how you might get involved in supporting this work.

~ Blessings, Scott